Background and activities

My research is mainly related to electrochemical processes, basically for energy storage (Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, supercaps), but also electrolysis.

Current research activities are much focused on carbon as electrode material, including both electrochemical energy conversion tehcnologies like batteries and fuel  cells, as well as electrodes (anodes) used in Hall-Heroult cells for production of aluminium. Studies of porous electrodes have been a major topic for many years, with a special attention on transient electrochemical techniques, in particular impedance spectroscopy. Several studies include also development of matehmatical models for description of comlex electrodes reactions, including also transient and impedance models. Future ambitions include establishment of in-situ spectroscopic-electrochemical techniques.  

In addition to research within electrochemical energy conversion, I am also engaged in introduction in renewable energy as such, for example by active participation in the "Center for Renewable Energy",

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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