Background and activities

In theory, theory and practice are the same thing, In practice, they aren't.


I'm currently interested in model engineering, with a special focus on probabilistic models for the assessment of performance of complex technical systems.

I'm working on mathematical foundations (including complexity issues), assessment algorithms and heuristics, modeling languages and modeling methodologies. I'm also developing software tools.


I am currently teaching at NTNU and Ecole Centrale de Paris master and PhD level courses on Model-Based System Engineering and Safety & Reliability Engineering.

I am also teaching a course on (an Introduction to) Complex System Engineering for the 1rst year students of Ecole Centrale de Paris (500 students). This course is duplicated at Beihang University/Centrale Pékin.


The publication list below is highly incomplete. The reason is that the data-base Cristin from which they are extracted does not provide any mean to upload publications from external sources if none of the authors was affiliated to NTNU at the time the work was published. So I have to enter my publications one by one, by hand.

I hope this interesting task will be completed in a few months...

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