Background and activities

Arild Faxvaag is a professor in Health informatics. His research is centered around understanding how health professionals and patients utilize knowledge to analyse and solve health problems and around using this insight to develop IT-solutions that enables patients, personnel, institutions and governments to realize knowledge-based care in a safe, effective, equal and more sustainable way. Arild Faxvaag is also a senior advisor at Department of medicine and analysis, Helseplattformen A/S


  • MD, Bergen and Trondheim, Norway (1986)
  • PhD ( UNiversity of Trondheim (1995)  

Ongoing projects:

  • Smart digital health communication
  • DT Blockchain (Building and maintaining trust in virtual care environments with blockchain)
  • Development of clinical decision-support in Helseplattformen
  • Eval-HP (Establishing a factual basis for evaluation of the Helseplattformen project)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications