Asgeir Bjørgan

PhD Candidate Department of Electronic Systems
+47 73594404
O. S. Bragstads plass 2, Elektro A * A481

Background and activities

About Asgeir Bjørgan

Primarily working on real-time processing of hyperspectral images, with applications to medical diagnostics. 

Some of the developed hyperspectral processing software is made available under unrestrictive software licenses on this github project page. A presentation of each software package can be found here.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Bjorgan, Asgeir; Paluchowski, Lukasz A.; Randeberg, Lise Lyngsnes. (2016) A physics-informed characterization of burn wound segmentation maps obtained from hyperspectral images. Norwegian Electro Optics Meeting 2016 ; Voss. 2016-04-13 - 2016-04-15.
  • Bjorgan, Asgeir; Randeberg, Lise Lyngsnes. (2015) Line-by-line denoising of hyperspectral images using a minimum noise fraction-based approach - C++ source code, available on NTNU. 2015.
  • Bjorgan, Asgeir; Randeberg, Lise Lyngsnes. (2015) gpudm: Estimation of skin optical parameters from hyperspectral images using CUDA. C++/CUDA source code, available on NTNU. 2015.