Background and activities

I studied medicin at NTNU and after recidency, I have worked with children, both in Child Phychiatry and pediatrics. I have started my PhD in low birth-weight.

I studied medicin here at NTNU and I am about halfway in becoming both a pediatrician and a childphychiatrist. I worked at the pediatric department at St. Olavs Hospital in 2011 and met professsor Ann-Mari Brubakk, who so kindly invited me to join her project Low Birth-Weight in a lifelong perspective. I recently started my PhD in the follow-up part, where the participants have become 26 - 28 years old. The participants are divides into three groups: those with birth-weight below 1,5 kg (often born before week 30), those born at term but with birth-weight below the 10th percentile, called SGA (Small for Gestational Weight) and controls born at term with normal birth-weight. The participants have been followed since birth and are examined very thorough this time with cerebrale MRI, bloodsamples, bodyscan, physical examination, psychiatric interview, IQ score and several questionnaires. My part of the project is about mental health, and possible associations to immunology and cerebral MRI findings.

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