Background and activities

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Atefe R. Tari

PhD-student (PhD in Medicine), Department of Circulation and Imaging, NTNU 

Molecular mechanisms of exercise as novel therapies for neurodegenation and Alzheimer´s disease

Education Biomedical scientist (Bioingeniør) and Master of Science in Molecular Molecule (NTNU)

Research My PhD-project utilizes data from both the Generation 100-study and HUNT - the Trøndelag Health Study to study how exercise and fitness are important for brain function and the development of dementia. In a study with rats with Alzheimer's disease, we also investigate whether injections with blood from healthy, trained rats can slow the development of the disease. In the fall of 2021, we initiated a clinical study; ExPlas, a clinical treatment study for Alzheimer's patients where we will investigate whether trained blood plasma transfusions can slow or reverse disease progression. Read more about the ExPlas study here: The ExPlas study

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