Background and activities

Position description

Deputy head of research, Department of health sciences Gjøvik and professor at Centre for Care Research.


My research is concerned with the delivery and organisation of health and care work. Particularly, the consequences of technologies and political initiatives for work practices, knowledge and practical skills, and interactions between professionals and patients. I explore these themes in empirical studies of the implementation and use of new technologies and services in health and care work, interdisciplinary student practices and clinical encounters. Theoretically I relate to theories of practice, STS, professions, and feminist technoscience.



1987: School of Nursing, Ålesund University College, Norway

1996: Graduate in Sociology, University of Tromsø, Norway

2003: Dr. Polit, University of Tromsø, Norway

2004-2008: Post doctoral fellow, Norwegian Research Council

Work experience

1988 - 1994: Clinical Nurse, University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)

1997 - 2008: Research Fellow, Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, UNN

2008 - 2015: Associate Professor, Department of Health and Care Sciences, UiT, Arctic University of Norway

2015 - 2018: Adjunct Professor, Department of Health and Care Sciences, UiT Arctic University of Norway

2015 - 2019: Head of centre, Centre for Care Research, NTNU

2019: Deputy head of research Department of health sciences Gjøvik

2019: Professor, Centre for care research east


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