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Research interests

The main research interest of our group is the study and elucidation of neuroplasticity mechanisms in the context of CNS damage and repair. Specifically, we model and investigate dynamic structure-function relationships in neuronal assemblies in healthy and perturbed conditions with the goal of identifying and engaging key aspects of complex neural network behaviour that determine adaptive or maladaptive neuroplasticity in the lesioned CNS, including injury and neurodegenerative disease.

Ongoing research activities focus on CNS lesion modelling through the integration of advanced theoretical concepts and interdisciplinary methods and tools. Apart from in vivo models, we work with in vitro and computational models that recapitulate and exploit fundamental attributes of biological neural networks, including self-organization over time into assemblies of increasing structural complexity, with concomitant emergence of complex functional dynamics.

Our working hypotheses are based on the relevance of specific identifiable network topologies as well as patterns of synaptic transmission for the functional capacity of a network in terms of plasticity, learning, and adaptability and, by the same token, for the initiation and spread of lesion-related pathologies in vivo and in vitro.

These research activities are coupled to clinical research by our group investigating dynamic neuroplasticity using connectomics and transcriptional analyses. 

Selected publications 2018-date

Group leader, Integrative Neuroscience Group, Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, NTNU; Steering committee member for the Morphogenetic Engineering R&D Stream, NTNU and for NTNU Nano. Leader Translational Neuroscience Clinical-Academic Research Group (CARG). Leader Translational Neuroscience Clinical-Academic Group (CAG) for Alzheimer´s Disease

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Translational Neuroscience Clinical-Academic Research group

Translational Neuroscience Clinical-Academic Group (CAG) for Alzheimer´s Disease


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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