Background and activities

Barbara Zyzak is Associate Professor in public policy and administration at the Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU. She is also a member of Special Interests Group (SIG) on Complexity and Network Governance at the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) conference. Her primary research interests center around public management and leadership, governance networks, meta-organizations, public policy and administration, digital transformation. She has published articles in Public Management Review, Higher Education Policy, International Journal of Cultural Policy and book chapters.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Zyzak, Barbara. (2014) Nie dla Unii Europejskiej, Tak dla Europejskiego Obszaru Gospodarczego. Norwegia a Europa w latach 1945–2009. Wydawnictwu Adam Marszalek. 2014. ISBN 978-83-7780-890-0.

Part of book/report

  • Guribye, Eugene; Pustulka, Paula; Slusarczyk, Magdalena; Zyzak, Barbara. (2018) Left to their own devices? : on the role of Polish migrant organisations in Norway. Transnational Polish Families in Norway. Social Capital, Integration, Institutions and Care.
  • Zyzak, Barbara. (2017) Breakdown of Inter-Organizational Cooperation: The case of regional councils in Norway. The Rise of Common Political Order.
  • Zyzak, Barbara; Pinheiro, Romulo; Hauge, Elisabeth S.. (2016) Network ties between universities and cultural and creative industries. Applied social science research in a regional knowledge system.
  • Karlsen, James Tommy; Pinheiro, Romulo; Zyzak, Barbara; Flåten, Bjørn-Tore; Isaksen, Arne. (2013) Kunnskap og innovasjon i Agder. Krise, omstilling og vekst: en regionanalyse av Sørlandet.


  • Zyzak, Barbara. (2020) Managing Collaborative Arrangements: Challenges associated with managing secondary structures. 2020. ISBN 978-82-7117-994-6. Doctoral dissertations at University of Agder (292).
  • Hauge, Elisabeth S.; Wærdahl, Randi; Pinheiro, Romulo; Bakke, Kathrine; Zyzak, Barbara. (2013) Kompetanseutfordringer på Agder. Forprosjekt om mulige forbindelseslinjer mellom velferd, kompetanse og arbeids- og næringsliv. 2013.
  • Pinheiro, Romulo; Hauge, Elisabeth S.; Zyzak, Barbara. (2013) Samarbeid mellom akademia og kreative næringer. En kvalitativ analyse i Agder-regionen. 2013. FoU rapport (9/2013).