Background and activities

For my PhD I am working with neuroanatomy at the microcircuit level, with a particular focus on brain areas involved in spatial learning and memory

My scientific interest is functional neuroanatomy at the microcircuit level. In particular I am trying to understand the network of interneurons located with the entorhinal cortex of the brain. By looking at the anatomy of specific cells, and classifying these according to morphology, physiology and molecular traits I hope to find out which neural elements are essential for the characteristic neural activity seen in different areas of the entorhinal cortex. Furthermore, I want to know how these specific cell types communicate both with other cells intrinsic to the entorhinal network, but also with extrinsic connections. To accomplish this I am using a tool box, which includes molecular techniques, classical tracing and electrophysiology.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Jacobsen, Bente. (2019) "Connectivity of interneurons in the enthorhinal cortex" 2019:267. 2019. ISBN 978-82326-4131-4.