Background and activities

I am a trained microbial ecologist with special interest in method development for correlative multiscale multimodal imaging. So far, my research addresses the analysis of microbes in different environments and their interactions by applying different microscopic techniques (from low to high resolution - from light microscopy to cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM)). My research includes conventional EM, cryo-EM and cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET), x-ray electron dispersive spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. I have a strong interest in learning and developing new techniques in the field of electron microscopy and combining these developments with biological applications.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Vestrum, Ragnhild Inderberg; Luef, Birgit; Forberg, Torunn; Bakke, Ingrid; Vadstein, Olav. (2018) Investigating fish larvae-microbe interactions in the 21st century: Old questions studied with new tools. Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research.