Background and activities

Bjøn Gustavsen is employed at Institutt for Elkraftteknikk. He currently assists in teaching course TET4130 Overspenninger. (Overvoltages)

He also works as Chief Scientist at SINTEF Energy Research with responsibility in the area of electromagnetic transients. His work has special focus on the modeling of power system components (in particular cables, overhead lines, transformers and component subsystems), the integration of such models in EMTP-type simulation programs, and calculation electrical stresses on components during transient conditions. These activities fall within the area of Digital Twin. 


  • Project manager of IPN-project "Next Generation Protection of Transformers" (ProTrafo).
  • Convener for CIGRE JWG A2/C4.52 "High-frequency models of transformers and reactors for network studies". 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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