Background and activities

Spring course:

* TMT4266 Metal forming- microstructure and crystal plasticity

Autumn Courses:

* TMT4222 Mechanical Properties of Metals

* MT8216 - Microstructure and Properties During Thermomechanical Processing - Phenomena and theoretical models



CRI-Manufacturing: Co supervisor for PhD candidate Siri Marthe Aarbo, cold metal welding of dissimilar metals
CRI-CASA: Co-supervisor for PhD candidate Jianbin Xu, Modeling Dynamic Strain Aging. 
KPN-AMPERE: (heat stability and conductivity of 6xxx alloys) WP leader: Mechanical Properties. Main supervisor for PhD candidate Feng Lu
IPN-Cosmetex: Surface properties from extrusion
Main supervisor for two PhD candidates with NTNU grants:
Jisheng Qin: Advanced continuum plasticity models for strain-path changes
Knut Erik Snilsberg: Integrated Hot Forming and Die Quenching of Aluminium Wrought Alloys



Group leader for the physical metallurgy group at DMSE and member of the extended leader group of DMSE
Member of "undervisningsutvalg" DMSE
Member of "studieprogramsråd", material technology studies


Professional interests:

Hardening mechanisms in metals, primarily Aluminium alloys. Dislocations, microstructure evolution, influence of solute, particles & precipitates.

Crystal plasticilty (CPFEM, Taylor type models), continuum mehanics.

Transients related to strain-path changes.

Accumulated roll bonding. Enhanced strength. Metal composites.

Mathematical modelling

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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