Background and activities

Bjørn Holmedal is a professor in physical metallurgy at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, since 2009.


Bjørn Holmedal (born 1968) has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from NTH (1992) and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Oslo (1998). He has industrial experience as a researcher in Raufoss Technology (1997-2000), starting as a postdoc at NTNU in 2000.

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Research areas

  • Metal continuum plasticity theory and modelling
  • Metal crystal plasticity theory and modelling (including texture)
  • Thermomechanical processing of alloys
  • Strengthening and work hardening mechanisms in alloys
  • dislocation theory and modelling

Teaching (some variations, these are my regular ones)

Spring :

* TMT4266 Metal forming- microstructure and crystal plasticity


* TMT4222 Mechanical Properties of Metals

* MT8216 - Microstructure and Properties During Thermomechanical Processing - Phenomena and theoretical models



  • FRIPRO-METPLAST: (The next generation metal continuum plasticity theory) Project leader. PhD main supervisor for Hassan Moradi Asadkhandi. Research Scientist Tomas Manik is employed by this project. A postdoc will be hired in 2022,
  • SFI-Manufacturing:  PhD main supervisor for Håkon Linga, 3D-printing.
  • SFI-CASA: was PhD co-supervisor for Jianbin Xu, dynamic strain aging, PLC effect
  • SFI-Physmet:
  • PhD main supervisor for (NTNU internal): Sohail Shah Atom Probe Tomography. clustering and nucleii in age hardened aluminium alloys




Scientific, academic and artistic work

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