Background and activities

Bjørn Klefstad is the study program council leader for the Bachelor of Engineering, Data at the Department of Computer Science and Informatics at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. This study offer is offered in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund.

He has worked in the university and college sector since 1997 when he was employed at Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST). The tasks have been related to campus and online teaching, national and international research projects, study program development for several study programs and academic and pedagogical leadership for the study program Computer Engineering.
During the same period, he has worked part-time for the Research and Development Foundation TISIP in various roles.

Klefstad is an associate professor in informatics and has both led and worked in various research and development projects related to e-learning.


  • Study program council leader for engineering - data, Department of Computer Science and Informatics at NTNU
  • Program manager for IT-supported business development, Department of Computer Science and Informatics at NTNU
  • Associate Professor - Teaching and research in Informatics and e-learning at HiST
  • Project leader / employee and study leader - Courses, projects and vocational school at the R&D foundation TISIP
  • Assistant Professor - Teaching in Informatics and mathematics, as well as IT operations at Hitra high school
  • Assistant Professor - Informatics teaching at Melhus high school Part-time teacher - Mathematics teaching at the University of Trondheim


  • Assistant Professor - Practical pedagogical education at NTNU
  • Cand. Scient. in mathematics at the University of Trondheim
  • Cand mag. in mathematics and informatics at the University of Trondheim


  • Leadership development program for study program leaders at NTNU
  • English course at Eastbourne School of English
  • Certified instructor FITS Practitioner Leamington Spa in England
  • Safety representative course at HiST
  • Informatics course on ICT operations at TISIP
  • Colleague-based guidance at the County Municipality in Sør-Trøndelag


  • Business-adapted e-learning (master)
  • Digital service management (bachelor)
  • Engineering introductory course - teamwork (bachelor)
  • Programming Basic course (bachelor)
  • Teamwork (bachelor) ITIL v3 (bachelor)
  • Information security and product management (bachelor)


  • Participation in Intensive program Location based services (Sundsvall, Amsterdam, Istanbul)
  • Participation in Intensive program Serious games on safety procedures on industrial plants (Amsterdam, Dornbirn, Carlow)
  • Course leader in the course An information security management system (Hogheschool van Amsterdam


  • Project employee in the EU project M9C, which will develop a training offer for refugee organizations, so that they can conduct training for refugees who want to start their own business (entrepreneurs).
  • Project employee in the EU project Transitional arrangements between Higher Vocational Education and the University and College sector. In this project, we will look at opportunities and limitations related to transitional arrangements between a vocational school offer and a bachelor's education in IT operations.
  • Deputy leader of the EU project Understandt IT. The project was about the development of national business models for online teaching offers for Vitae courses for teachers.
  • Project employee in the EU project Web-based Assignment Training. The project was an interregional project that looked at how we should develop, test, document and present a model for web-based competence development.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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