Background and activities

Courses taught

TGB4125 Mineralogy:  Includes main priciples in crystal chemistry, crystallographic from both a theoretical and applied prespective. Practical skills achieved includes optical transmitted light microscopy, crystallographic plotting and mineral formula recalculation.

TGB4130 Petrology: Fundamental principles og igneous and metamorphic petrology and geochemistry. 


Research interests

Involved in research within petrology, structural geology, ore deposits and applied mineralogy.


Involved in the development of the SEM-lab, including our state of the art EBSD equipment. My special focus here is the improovement of indexing and phase discrimination between complicated low symmetry geological materials. We now have an impressive indexing percenttage of quartz abowe 98%. We currently ressearch on crystallographic fabric development in quartz, including the influence of twinning. 

Data are collected using TSL-OIM sofware and then transferred into MTEX for more advanced analysis. We have exellent analysis facilitis and encourage scientiffic colaboration.

EBSD patterns dyed green, showing the change in pattern when crossing a Dauphiné twin boundary. Original by Bjørn Eske Sørensen (2001)



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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