Background and activities

2014 – now:  Microscopy core manager Cellular & Molecular Imaging Core facility (CMIC)
2009 – 2015:  Ph.D. in Molecular Imaging (NTNU). "Quantitative confocal laser scanning microscopy: optimization for in vivo and in vitro analysis of intracellular transport".
2006 – 2009:  Master in Cell- and Molecular Biology (NTNU). "Establishing of selective photobleaching as a method to study intracellular transport in Arabidopsis thaliana".
2001 – 2005: Bachelor in Natural Sciences (NTNU). Study program: Biology; main profile: Cell- and Molecular Biology.
Bjørnar Sporsheim has worked on several interdisciplinary projects ranging from plant science to molecular medicine and confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) quality assurance. His research interests include live cell imaging, intracellular transport and image processing and analysis. He has more than 10 years experience in advanced microscopy and image processing, and specializes in quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Among his other professional interests are scientific visualization and university teaching; combining his passion for microscopy, computer graphics and communication. 


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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