Background and activities

Bjørn Petter Jelle is a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Jelle's background is as a physicist, chemist and material scientist, and examples of current work fields include building physics, materials science, solar radiation, thermal radiation, climate exposure, accelerated climate ageing, solar cells, building integrated photovoltaics, high performance thermal insulation materials, nano materials, and electrochromic materials.

Research areas:

Building physics
Materials science and technology
Accelerated climate ageing experimental investigations
Various climate testing including wind-driven rain
Solar radiation
Solar cells / Photovoltaics
Building integrated photovoltaics
High performance thermal insulation materials
Nano materials
Miscellaneous energy aspects
Material and coating evaluation
Surface preparation and protection
Coating application
Cathodic protection design
Corrosion and material aspects
Conducting polymers
Sensor technology
Electrochromic materials for energy efficient windows
Air metal hydride batteries
Fuel cell technology
Hydrogen energy

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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