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Bjørn Sørenssen

POSITION: Professor emeritus

FIELD OF STUDY: Film studies, media studies, new media technology
SEKSJON: Seksjon for film og bildemedier

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Digital Eye - Documentary and Realism in the Age of Audiovisual Convergence. New Modes of Articulation and Social Participation. Prosjekt finansiert gjennom NFRs program KIM (Kommunikasjon, informasjonsteknologi og medier).

Cinema and Emerging European Nations (CEEN) International network for research on national film history and the construction of the national.

Local film - global medium. Film production in Trondheim 1906 - 1955.

COST Action A30 - East of West - Setting a New Central and Eastern Eurpean Media Research Agenda

Moving Testimonies: New Documentary Assemblages. International book projects under the leadership of Janet Walker og Bhaskar Sarkar, University of California at Santa Barbara


Film history, documentary, new media technology, digital media


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