Background and activities

I am a post-doc researcher of the Industrial Ecology Programme at NTNU.

My main research interests are in the field of i) interaction between land cover change and climate change, ii) Asian monsoon variability and its prediction, iii) climate modeling and climate model intercomparison. 

I am working on the project entitled Advancing biofuel pathways with regional climate change implications (BIOPATH)

The primary objective of BIOPATH is to explore the interactions between future biofuel pathways, land transitions, and the regional climate, thereby offering novel science-based evidence to advance assessment frameworks of biofuel systems. BIOPATH will quantify the regional climate change effects of future biofuel pathways, assess the associated land transitions and value chain impacts, and improve our understanding of relevant land-atmosphere interactions. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the identification of win-win land management and biofuel strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The project will also assess the public perception of biofuels in Norway and the role of policies for the implementation of most promising strategies.



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