Background and activities

I am an architectural historian with a dual background in architecture and philosophy. For the complete list of my publications see the attached CV. Most of my articles can be downloaded at "Branko Mitrovic" at


PhD    (Philosophy) University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2007. Dissertation: Intellect in Jacopo Zabarella’s Interpretation of Aristotelian Psychology.

PhD   (Architecture) University of Pennsylvania, USA, 1996. Dissertation: Theory of Proportions in Daniele Barbaro’s Commentary on Vitruvius’ De architectura.

M.S.  (Architecture) University of Pennsylvania, 1993.

Dipl. Phil. (Philosophy) Belgrade University, 1992.

Dipl.Ing.Arch. (Architecture) Belgrade University, 1988.



2008    Humboldt Research Award (Humboldt Forschungpreis), awarded by the Humboldt Foundation.

2012    New Zealand Government’s research ranking in PBRF scheme: “A”.



2000-2001 Research (postdoc) fellowship, Harvard University Centre for Renaissance Studies "I Tatti", Florence.

2001-2002 Research (postdoc) fellowship, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal.

2002-2004 Research (postdoc) fellowship, The Humboldt Foundation (at the Technical University Berlin).

2007 Senior Fellowship, National Gallery of Art in Washington, (CASVA)

2009 Research Fellowship, The Clark Institute, Wiliamstown, Massachusetts.




Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications


  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2020) Materialist Philosophy of History. A Realist Antidote to Postmodernism. Lexington Books. 2020. ISBN 9781793620026.
  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2015) Rage and Denials. Collectivist Philosophy, Politics and Art Historiography, 1890-1947. Penn State University Press. 2015. ISBN 978-0-271-06678-3.
  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2013) Visuality for Architects. University of Virginia Press. 2013. ISBN 081393379X.
  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2011) Philosophy for Architects. Princeton Architectural Press. 2011. ISBN 1568989946.
  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2005) Serene Greed of the Eye. Leon Battista Alberti and the Philosophical Foundations of Renaissance Architectural Theory. Deutscher Kunstverlag. 2005. ISBN 3-422-06573-3.
  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2004) Learning from Palladio. W.W. Norton. 2004. ISBN 0393731162.

Part of book/report

  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2019) Daniele Barbaro's Architectural Theory. Daniele Barbaro's Vitruvius of 1567.
  • Mitrovic, Branko. (2019) The Individualism-Holism Dilemma and the Ideological Framework of Marxism. A socialist realist history? Writing art history in the post-war decades.