Background and activities

I am a PhD student i linguistics at the Department of language and literature. I have a master's in cognitive and biological psychology, and have also studied scandinavian languages, linguistics and media studies.

Scientific interests

  • Language development in children
  • Audiovisual perception
  • Grammatics

My PhD project

The role of grammar factors and visual context in language acquisition

I am investigating how, and when, Norwegian children learn to comprehend pronouns in the same way as adults. Will they prefer Anna or Lisa as the pronoun referent when they hear the utterances: "Anna hugs Lisa. She has been gone for a long time." Here, it is ambiguous who "she" refers to. What then makes people think that the pronoun ("she") points to f.ex. Anna instead of Lisa? Children and adults may use cues from many factors: The thematic roles (subject vs. object), the visual context (is the action shown or not), the sentence intonation, who is mentioned first, who is another person looking at or pointing at, etc. By running a series of experiments, I am trying to find out which cues children and adults use when picking a pronoun referent, and at which age they start to use the different cues.

Earlier experience

I was as an assistant for two PhD students in psychology (Magnus Alm and Ragnhild Eg) (2011-2012) and ass. professor in psychology Dawn Behne (2013). The work consisted of recruiting participants and conducting experiments on audiovisual perception.

I was an assistant for professor in psychology Hermundur Sigmundsson (2011, 2012) and professor in linguistics Mila Vulchanova (2011). I tested children's language and motor skills (2011) and adults' motor skills (2012).

I have supervised bachelor students in psychology (2011) and helped master students in english with statistics (2013).

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications