Background and activities

Camilla Knudsen Tveiten works as a senior EU adviser for the IE faculty at the NTNU Brussels office in the period from  2020 to 2023. She follows up the IE facuty EU strategy with focus on engaging the researcers in strategic research work and supporting them in pre grant activities in Brussels and EU.

Camilla holds a Phd in assessment of risk in tchenology driven trasitions and after working as a researcher in SINTEF for ten years she has worked as a consultant, lately for Sopra Steria AS where she managed digital trasition projects for clients. She has taken special interest in AI as a future co-worker and how this should be approached from a human perspective. 

As a researcher, she worked in several EU projects and participated in technology platforms and she now looks foreward to reengage in international strategic research work.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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  • Tveiten, Camilla Knudsen; Andresen, Gisle; Rosness, Ragnar; Tinmannsvik, Ranveig Kviseth. (2008) Underveis mot integrerte operasjoner - en borekontraktør tilegner seg nye IKT løsninger. Robust arbeidspraksis - Hvorfor skjer det ikke flere ulykker på sokkelen.
  • Tveiten, Camilla Knudsen; Forseth, Ulla; Rosness, Ragnar. (2006) Conflict, alienation and human reliability. Safety and reliability for managing risk.


  • Albrechtsen, Eirik; Tveiten, Camilla Knudsen. (2011) Offshore wind farms: Safety management framework and issues. 2011.