Background and activities

Carla Chinga-Ramirez is an associate professor in multicultural education and pedagogies of
diversity at the Institute of Pedagogy and Lifelong learning at NTNU, Norway. Her main
research interests are the impact of ethnicity, “race”, social class and gender in the Norwegian
educational system. Her work focuses on understanding different intersections of social inequalities,
and the consequences of social positioning in students school performance and wellbeing.
She is interested in how societal structures, social conditions and cultural discourses shape the
self-understanding of students in the Norwegian school.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Chinga-Ramirez, Carla; Solhaug, Trond. (2014) Jeg er annerledes. En diskusjon av erfaringer med å være annerledes i den norske skolen. Kompetanse for mangfold: Om utdanningens rolle og skolens utfordringer i det flerkulturelle Norge.


  • Chinga-Ramirez, Carla. (2015) Skolen ser ikke hele meg! En postkolonial og narrativ studie av sosial ulikhet i den videregående skolen gjennom minoritetselevers erfaringer av å være annerledes. 2015. ISBN 978-82-326-0989-5.


  • Chinga-Ramirez, Carla. (2016) “Impossible bodies” and the creation of minority students’ subjectivities in Norwegian upper secondary schools. The 18th Nordic Migration Conference, Oslo, August 11-12, 2016 . Nordic Migration research; Oslo. 2016-08-11 - 2016-08-12.
  • Chinga, Carla Macarena. (2011) Immigrant youth in transition: Collectivistic orientations in an individualistic school culture. Results from a pilot study. NERA's 39th Congress - Rights and Education . NERA; Jyväskylä, Finland. 2011-03-09 - 2011-03-12.
  • Chinga, Carla Macarena. (2011) Immigrant youth in transition: How do Skandinavian teachers reflect upon immigrant students in upper secondary school?. International conference . 7th International Citizenship conference; Emory University, Atlanta. 2011-05-12 - 2011-05-14.