Background and activities

I am a Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Planning at NTNU, and part of the Centre for Real Estate and Facilities Management. I teach Master level courses on Introductory to Facilities Management and Sustainable Facilities Management. One of my key areas of interest is knowledge transfer that occurs across disconnected practices across the life-cycle - planning, implementation and operation. My research builds on organisation management theories to understand the interplay of practices, clients, end users and particularly facility managers in the renovation of low energy emission neighbourhoods and districts. Projects include Near Zero Energy Neighbourhood and IEA/SHC Task 51 Solar Energy in Urban Planning. 

In my previous role at University of Reading, I used case study research approach to examine the handover of digital data from design to operations in large projects such as London 2012 Olympics and other smaller projects. I have also considered the role of BIM as it progresses in projects into facilities management. In my PhD I examined innovation in facilities management through the introduction of RFID in one case study organization using social construction approach. I have an MSc in applied social research methods and a degree in history and sociology.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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  • Wienhofen, Leendert Wilhelmus Marinus; Lindkvist, Carmel Margaret; Noebels, Matthias. (2014) User-centered design for smart solar-powered micro-grid communities. 14th International Conference on Innovations for Community Services, I4CS 2014; Reims; France; 4-6 June 2014.


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