Background and activities

Senior engineer / assistant professor at the Department of Biological Sciences Ålesund since 2019 working with aquaculture and biotechnology and assistant professor in chemistry at the Department of Material Science and Engineering at NTNU in Trondheim 2015-2019.   


Cecilie Tynes Riksem has a MSc in Cell and molecularbiology (2013) og PRPED from NTNU (2014).

She has been the supervisor for 8 Bachelor theses (in total 18 candidates) in chemical engineering and 18 main projects (in total 30 candidates) in chemistry/process engineering at the 2-year program in Engineering at the Department of Material Science and Engineering at NTNU. 


  • MK103119 Introduction to Chemistry
  • BI201109 Instrumental analysis
  • MB104314 Marine biology

Previous teaching at the Department of Material Science and Engineering (2015-2019) at NTNU in Trondheim:

  • TKJE2003 Analytical chemistry 1
  • TKJE3010 Chromatography with specialization 
  • TALM1002/TALM1009 Physics/Chemistry
  • LYFA2001 Materials Science and health, safety and environment
  • LYFT2002 Chemistry, process og HSE

Scientific, academic and artistic work


Tynes, Cecilie. (2013) Molecular Investigation of Candidate Genes for the Biosynthetic Pathway for Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) in the Diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana. 2013

Involved with:

Brembu, Tore; Chauton, Matilde S.; Winge, P; Bones, Atle M.; Vadstein, Olav. (2017) Dynamic responses to silicon in Thalassiosira pseudonana - Identification, characterisation and classification of signature genes and their corresponding protein motifsScientific Reports. vol. 7. 


Tynes, Cecilie. (2013) Hva har alger med klima å gjøre? Biologer uten grenser. 2013

Professional consultant for new textbook in chemistry for engineers:

Sandtorv, Alexander H. (2019) Kjemi for ingeniører Universitetsforlaget. 2019