Background and activities

Prof. De Chen has engaged into four research lines: 1) industrial catalysis, in particular for natural gas conversion, 2) DFT and microkinetic modeling of surface reactions and multiscale modeling, 3) catalysis for new technologies including CO2 capture and conversion, hydrogen technology and biomass conversion and 4) synthesis and applications of carbon nanomaterials in catalysis and energy storage.  He participated more than 20 research projects, and coordinated more than 15 projects supported by KOSK, CLIMIT, RENERGI, Energix, GASSMAK, NANOMAT programs in Norwegian Research Council, national innovation centers, VISTA, and industries with a founding more than 88 000 000 kr in last 10 years. Currently he supervises 10 PhD students and 2 postdoc fellows in different projects within these four research areas.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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