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  • Tronvoll, Sigmund Arntsønn; Elverum, Christer Westum; Welo, Torgeir. (2016) Test Environments in Engineering Design: A conceptual study. Proceedings of NordDesign 2016.
  • Elverum, Christer Westum; Dalsgaard, Henrik Vagle; Welo, Torgeir. (2015) Continuous improvement of technical systems using Design for X. Proceedings of 2015 10th System of Systems Engineering Conferences (SoSE): May 17-20 2015 San Antonio, TX, USA.
  • Elverum, Christer Westum; Welo, Torgeir; Steinert, Martin. (2014) The Fuzzy Front End: Concept Development in the Automotive Industry. ASME 2014 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference Volume 7: 2nd Biennial International Conference on Dynamics for Design; 26th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology Buffalo, New York, USA, August 17–20, 2014.