Background and activities

I am working in Almaas Lab on genome-scale metabolic modelling to analyze the cell’s systems response to local changes, as for example knock-outs.

My main project is an Digital Life Norway project called BedPan. The project aims to produce palladium-nanoparticles with E. coli. For the project I perform the genome-scale modelling.

Additionally, I am working on an initiative to determine organisms’ macromolecular content, specifically, the biomass composition such as the rations of DNA, RNA, protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and others.

To achieve high-quality measurements in the laboratory, we generate micro-organism biomass in defined culturing conditions using fermenters and chemostat setups. This biomass is analyzed with various methods such as MS and NMR, to generate high-quality data for the given environments. The data is stored in a database to increase the genome-scale metabolic modeling precision, and to be used for machine learning techniques to predict organism behavior.

For the future we plan to include higher organisms such as the salmon, plants, and human samples (e.g. cancer cells vs. healthy cells) as well.

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