Background and activities

  • My homepage includes a list of publications and some background information
  • Research

    • Fracture- and damage mechanics - FEM analysis
    • Multiscale Material Modeling - from Micro-mechanisms to Macro-properties
    • Nanotechnology - modeling of fracture mechanisms on the atomic level 


    • TMM4140 Materialteknikk 2
    • TMM4160 Fracture Mechanics 
    • TMM4535 Robust material selection and design - offshore
    • New course spring 2010: TMM4162 Atomistic Modeling of Materials Failure
    • MM8404 Modeling of Fracture (MOF), PhD course

    Proposed student projects

    • Arctic Steels
    • Nanomechanical Modeling of Materials Failure
    • Environmental Assisted Fracture - HISC
    • Inovation and creativity
    • Materials with extreme strength - space elevator
    • failure analysis - practical examples and experience
    • Multiscale Material Modeling (MMM)
    • Large scale crack arrest testing of pielines for transport of hydrogen and CO2 gas

    Research projects in cooperation with SINTEF

    • Arctic Materials
    • Fracture Control Offshore Pipelines
    • Environmental assisted fracture - HISC. In-situ hydrogen charging nanoindentation 


    Scientific, academic and artistic work

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    Journal publications