Background and activities

Christina works to promote and develop research within NTNU’s thematic priority areas NTNU Oceans, Sustainability and Energy. She contributes to building up research projects based on the local resources in Ålesund and in collaboration with the relevant departments within NTNU. She helps building the bridge between academics over the three campuses Ålesund, Trondheim and Gjøvik. She works with:

-          Increasing awareness of the three priority areas Oceans, Energy and Sustainability in Ålesund

-          Following up initiatives from the private and public sector by directing them to the relevant researchers

o   Connect businesses and other research institutions to potential collaborators within NTNU (e.g. for project applications within Ocean, Sustainability or Energy)

o   Contribute to and coordinating project applications

-          Contribute to network building both internally and externally:

o   Get to know the relevant private sector and other research institutions by taking part in events

o   Be responsible for or organise conferences, e.g. CampusUka, the NorthWest, Ocean Week, Sustainability Days, Energy Transition Week

Christina is an Ecologist, she has a BSc in Ecology and an MSc in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh. She grew up in Brussels and speaks French, Italian, English, Norwegian, Spanish and some Russian.