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  • Sørmo, Christopher Gravningen. (2011) Rho GTPases in Plants: Structural analysis of ROP GTPases; genetic and functional studies of MIRO GTPases in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2011.


  • Kissen, Ralph; Hyldbakk, Elisabeth; Wang, Chia-Wei Vivian; Sørmo, Christopher Gravningen; Rossiter, JT; Bones, Atle M.. (2012) Ecotype dependent expression and alternative splicing of epithiospecifier protein (ESP) in Arabidopsis thaliana. PlantBio2012 . Plant Network Norway; Oslo. 2012-10-17 - 2012-10-18.
  • Sætrom, Gerd Inger; Sørmo, Christopher; Sporsheim, Bjørnar. (2012) 17 studenter i 3. klasse bioteknologi studenter vant 50000 til klassetur i Brasil. P4 [Radio]. 2012-03-15.
  • Kissen, Ralph; Hyldbakk, Elisabeth; Wang, Chia-Wei Vivian; Sørmo, Christopher; Rossiter, John T.; Bones, Atle M.. (2011) Glucosinolate hydrolysis in Arabidopsis thaliana: expression of epithiospecifier protein (ESP) and its regulation. 10th Norwegian Arabidopsis Meeting ; 2011-12-01 - 2011-12-01.
  • Kissen, Ralph; Kong, Xiang Yi; Sørmo, Christopher Gravningen; Johnson, Kenneth; Bones, Atle M.. (2010) About epithiospecifier protein (ESP) and nitrile-specifier proteins (NSPs). CMBG Seminar series ; 2010-02-23 - 2010-02-23.