Background and activities

I am a zoologist interested in how animals deal with the energetic challenges they face regularly in their environment. In particular, how they cope physiologically with detrimental weather and environmental conditions that often result in a shortage of food and water resources. A few examples of such conditions are seasonal changes, extreme temperatures, storms, fires and habitat degradation.

Specifically, my research strengths are field and laboratory work on questions relating to thermal physiology, metabolism, energy management, activity and behaviour in animals. In the field I primarily use small temperature-sensitive transmitters to obtain information on daily movements and body temperature fluctuations of the study animal. Recently, I have begun to test data loggers that can also record heart rates in addition to body temperature, with the aim to gain an even greater understanding of energy management in wild animals. In the lab I measure various variables, such as metabolic rates of animals, in response to a wide range of manipulated ambient conditions, such as temperature and photoperiod. I am also beginning to delve into the subject of stress physiology, using hormones and telomeres as indicators of stress. My main study organisms are endotherms, primarily mammals, but I am interested in all species.

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