Background and activities


I graduated from NTNU with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2016, writing my theisis with the Biomechanics group at the Department of Structural Engineering. The theisis was titled "Finite Element Approach to Estimating Shell Properties of Nanoparticle-stabilized Microbubbles" and was supervised by Prof. Bjørn Helge Skallerud. During my MSc I spent a year at Harvard University as a Fulbright Scolar. 


My PhD (2016-2020) research focuses on modeling the mechanical behaviour of polymer foam.

Intermediate goals include:

  • Investigate existing material models under a variety of different loading and environmental conditions.
  • Amend or develop material models aimed at capturing effects relevant for impact loading.
  • Establish effective and economical calibration tools for said material models.


Supervisor: Aase Reyes
Co-Supervisor: Arild Holm Clausen