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  • Bregaint, David. (2021) Royal patronage of Courtly Literature – Asserting Cultural Prestige in High Medieval Norway. Arthur in Northern Translations. Material Culture, Characters, and Courtly Influence.
  • Bregaint, David. (2020) The Missing Saint. Saint Olaf and King Hákon Hákonsson. Helgener i nord. Nye studier i nordisk helgenkult.
  • Bregaint, David. (2013) Introduction. Un discours contre les évêques. Politique et Controverse en Norvège vers 1200.
  • Bregaint, David. (2008) Det "uønskede barnet" Pechineys norske datterselskap DNN 1913-1958. Globalisering gjennom et århundre, Norsk aluminiumsindustri 1908-2008.


  • Bregaint, David Marcel Renee. (2014) Vox regis. Royal Communication in High Medieval Norway. 2014. ISBN 978-82-326-0010-6.
  • Iversen, Tore Olav; Bregaint, David Marcel Renee. (2006) Royal Views of Society and their place in the Royal Ideology in Norwegian Diplomas 1202-1263. 2006.