Background and activities

I am an assistant professor at the Institute for music. My master's degree is in organ performance and musicology, and my doctoral dissertation is on die neue Sachlichkeit in Norwegian church music in the mid 20th century (hymnology/musicology, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne). My bachelor education is in music (organ performance) and pedagogy.  

I teach hymnology, liturgical studies and professional identity to both bachelor students, as well as those taking supplementary courses in order to obtain "Kantor" qualifications and supervise master/doctoral candidates in relevant areas.

Research and performace interests

  • Die neue Sachlichkeit (new objectivity), functionalism and neoclassicism in Nordic church music
  • The development of the hymn in the 21st century
  • Australian organ music and secular organ repetoire
  • The ontology of church music in Norway
  • Ecumenical hymn studies
  • Nordic liturgical practice and liturgical music understandings
  • Liturgical theory and the theology and role of music in liturgy
  • Norwegian church music 1930-1960
  • Organ teaching for children: method and field studies

Selected research projects

Project leader: Organ teaching for children in Norway 2019-2023
Projext leader: Hymnrecordings in the Nordic region since 1970
Researcher and editor: Nytt norsk salmeleksikon 2011-2018

Board memberships
Vice-president, Internationale arbeitsgemeinschaft für Hymnologie 2011-2017; 2017-2024
Board member, Norsk hymnologisk forening

Co-editor, Bulletin for IAH (2011-)
Editor, Hymnologi - nordisk tidsskrift (2008-)



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Holter, Stig Wernø; Øystese, Vigdis Berland; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Hamnes, David Scott. (2018) Nytt norsk salmeleksikon Bind IV. Fagbokforlaget. 2018. ISBN 978-82-514-0823-3.

Part of book/report

  • Hamnes, David Scott. (2021) Organ Teaching for Children in Norway: An Educational Field in Development. Higher Education as Context for Music Pedagogy Research.
  • Hamnes, David Scott. (2013) Die neue Sachlichkeit i norsk orgelkultur. Aspekter ved norsk orgelkultur.