Background and activities

Fields of Expertise:

Engineering design in practice and engineering design methodology
Lean Product Development
Development of Product programs
Concurrent Engineering
Automotive light weight design
Innovative Technologies in Food Industries


My research interests at the time being are engineering design methodology with a focus on:

  • Innovation

I have received my PhD from Trondheim, NTH - The Norwegian Institute of Technology. After a period as research scientist at SINTEF (The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology), I was appointed as associate professor of Enginering Design at NTNU, first at the dep. of Product Design, later at the dep. of Product Development and Materials - IPM. Head of department at IPM from 2002 to 2005. Now I'm at the dep. of mechanical engineering an logistics.


  • TMAS2006 - Machine elements 1
  • TMAS2008 - Manufacturing

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Deb, A.; Mahendrakumar, M.S.; Chavan, C.; Karve, J.; Blankenburg, Detlef; Støren, Sigurd. (2004) Design of an aluminium-based vehicle platform for front impact safety. International Journal of Impact Engineering. vol. 30.

Part of book/report

  • Blankenburg, Detlef; Kristensen, Kjetil; Aasland, Knut Einar; Sivertsen, Ole Ivar. (2013) Virtual Obeya: Collaborative Tools And Approaches To Boost The Use Of Simulators In Concept. Proceedings 27th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation ECMS 2013, May 27th - May 30th, 2013, Ålesund, Norway.
  • Kristensen, Kjetil; Aasland, Knut Einar; Blankenburg, Detlef; Sivertsen, Ole Ivar. (2013) Virtual Obeya: Collaborative Tools and Approaches Addressing Sources of Waste in Lean Engineering. 19th ICE & IEEE-ITMC International Conference Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship Book of Abstracts 24-26 June 2013 The Hague, the Netherlands.
  • Aasland, Knut Einar; Blankenburg, Detlef. (2012) An analysis of the uses and properties of the Obeya. Conference proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation.
  • Aasland, Knut Einar; Blankenburg, Detlef. (2012) Interactive Video Teaching of CAD Software. Proceedings of IWAMA 2012 - The Second International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation.
  • Aasland, Knut Einar; Blankenburg, Detlef. (2012) Virtualizing the Obeya. Proceedings of The Ninth Norddesign Conference, 2012.