Background and activities

My academic interests can be placed at the interface of political ecology, ecological economics and critical geography and my research can be grouped in three core themes. First, extractivism and environmental governance in Ecuador, Peru and Indonesia, particularly related to multi-scalar relations of power, political participation in decision-making and configurations of agencies and materialities in complex natural resources-based economies. Second, feminist and decolonial theorization of political ecology in Latin America, framed within the intersectionalities between capital, patriarchy and coloniality and the identification of historical and emerging proposals for transformation coming from social movements and organizations. Finally, the analysis of socio-territorial conflicts motivated by actions against development projects and green neoliberal schemes, with particular regard to the understanding of institutionality, territoriality and social and environmental justice.

My current postdoctoral research is part of the “Extractive Industries, Transparency and Citizen Engagement in the Global South” project at the Geography Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It aims to extend the analysis of environmental governance to understand new forms of institutional transformations and multi-scalar political participation for the economic transitions in Belitung, Indonesia, an island that shows an interesting configuration of various natural resource-based economies. I am particularly interested in understanding forms of people agency and the material and discursive struggles over access, control and management of natural resources in the transition from mining to tourism in the island. 


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Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications


  • Vela Almeida, Diana Raquel; León, Mauricio; Lewinsohn, José Luis. (2021) Indicadores de Sostenibilidad en la Industria Minera Metálica. Policy Report prepared for the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC. 2021.