Background and activities


Departmental roles

Professor of Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Advisory Commitee for Study Programme in English


I teach 1000-level courses on poetry, prose fiction and drama, 2000-level courses on the American short story, nineteenth-century American literature, and 3000-level courses on the American Renaissance and Native American Literature.

Committee work

I have acted as external representative for three PhD committees (in Canada, England and Sweden), and on numerous committees to evaluate applications for personal promotion.

Research Interests

I work within the field of nineteenth-century American literature and have a specialist interest in the correspondence and poetry of Emily Dickinson. I have acted as a member of the advisory board for the Emily Dickinson Archive, which provides high-resolution images of manuscripts of Dickinson’s poetry, along with transcriptions and annotations from selected historical and scholarly editions. Organised by Harvard University, this is a collaborative project which brings together resources from Houghton Library, Amherst College Library, the Boston Public Library, and others. I am also interested in the writing, reception and translation of singer-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, and am a member of the Translating Cultures research group at NTNU.


I was born in Belfast, and raised in an Irish-speaking community on the Shaws Road. My BA and PhD are from Trinity College Dublin. I have worked at NTNU since 1991.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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