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  • Catto Lucchino, Elena; Kalyanova Larsen, Olena; Goia, Francesco. (2021) Convective heat transfer coefficients in cavities: a review of correlations for modelling double skin facades. 15th RoomVent virtual conference: Energy Efficient Ventilation for Healthy Future Buildings: Proceedings Book.
  • Catto Lucchino, Elena; Goia, Francesco. (2019) Reliability and Performance Gap of Whole-Building Energy Software Tools in Modelling Double Skin Façades. PowerSkin Conference - Proceedings.
  • Gelesz, Adrienn; Catto Lucchino, Elena; Goia, Francesco; Reith, András; Serra, Valentina. (2019) Reliability and Sensitivity of Building Performance Simulation Tools in Simulating Mechanically Ventilated Double Skin Façades. Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th Conference of IBPSA, Roma, September 02-04.