Background and activities

Guidance counselling

I work as a student adviser for the following study programmes:

  • One-Year Programme in Economics (ÅSØK)
  • Bachelor of Economics (BSØK)
  • Bachelor of Political Economy (BPOLØK)
  • Five-year Integrated Master's Programme in Economics (MSØK5)
  • Two-Year Master's Programme in Economics (MSØK)
  • Two-year Master's Programme in Financial Economics (MFINØK)

I can assist you in questions related to your study progress (selecting courses, enrollment, etc.), exchanges, special needs accomodation and submission of term papers via Blackboard. If I am unable to assist you directly, I will also gladly refer you to other instances that can help you.


Areas of responsibility

  • Guidance counselling
  • Administrative tasks
  • Blackboard contact person for faculty with The Department of Economics
  • Communication and PR (Innsida, webpage and NTNU Økonomi on Facebook)



  • Master of Arts - Media, communication and information technology, NTNU (2015-2017)
  • One-year programme - Media studies, NTNU (2014-2015)
  • One-year programme - English, NTNU (2013-2014)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Communication, NTNU (2010-2013)