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General Information

Eliane Lorenz is a Post-doctoral researcher in English linguistics and multilingualism at the Department of Teacher Education at NTNU, part of the project Acquisition of English in the multilingual classroom (AcEngMulCla). Since early 2019, she has also been part of the sociolinguistics project Language, Attitudes and Repertoires in the Emirates (LARES)She completed her PhD in English Linguistics in 2019 at the University of Hamburg. In her doctoral dissertation she focused on unbalanced bilingual heritage speakers in the context of the acquisition of tense and aspect in the additional language English. In addition, she was an affiliated researcher of the project Multilingual development: a longitudinal perspective (MEZ). Further research interests include second and third language acquisition, multilingualism, contrastive linguistics, varieties of English, and corpus linguistics.


Research Interest

Second and third language acquisition
Heritage bilinguals
Learner corpus research
Corpus Linguistics
Contrastive Linguistics
Usage-based Grammar
Diachronic Linguistics



University of Hamburg

Summer term 2019       Learner Corpus Research
Winter term 2018/19     Second and Third Language Acquisition
Summer term 2018       Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
Winter term 2017/18     Multilingual Development
Summer term 2017       Tense & Aspect: Contrast, Variation &
Winter term 2016/ 17    English-German Contrasts
Summer term 2016       English Pronouns: Grammar, Variation, &

University of Jena

Summer term 2012       Tutorial: Introduction to Literary Studies II
Summer term 2011       Tutorial: Introduction to Literary Studies II


Scholarships & External Funding

2019                  Travel grant (L3 Workshop in Konstanz)
2019                  DFG (German Research Foundation) grant to conduct
                           a sociolinguistic study in the greater area of
                           Project LARES (Language Attitudes and Repertoires in
                           the Emirates)                      
                           PIs: Prof. Dr. Peter Siemund (University Hamburg),
                           Dr. Jakob Leimgruber (University of Freiburg);
                           Research assistants:
                           K. Feindt, L. Li, E. Lorenz, S. Rahbari
2018                  DAAD Congress travel grant (IAM L3 Lissabon)
2017                  DAAD Congress travel grant (SLE Meeting in Zurich)
2017                  Research grant of the Übersee-Club e.V. Hamburg
2014-2015        Scholarship holder of the Scholarship of Germany
2011-2012        Erasmus scholarship (University of Jaén, Spain)



Lorenz, E., Toprak, T. E., & Siemund, P. (accepted). English L3 acquisition in heritage contexts: Modelling a path through the bilingualism controversy. Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics.

Lorenz, E., Rahbari, S., Schackow, U., & Siemund, P. (2020). Does bilingualism correlate with or predict higher proficiency in L3 English? A contrastive study of monolingual and bilingual learners. Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices 1(2): 185–217.

Lorenz, E. & Siemund, P. (2020). The Acquisition of English as an Additional Language by Multilingual Heritage Speakers. In Die Auswirkungen der Migration auf Sprach- und Kulturräume. The Impact of Migration on Language Culture Areas, U. Hoinkes & M. Meyer (eds), pp. 111–134. Bern: Peter Lang.

Lorenz, E. & Siemund, P. (2019). Differences in the acquisition and production of English as a foreign language. A study based on bilingual and monolingual students. In International Research on Multilingualism. Breaking with the Monolingual Perspective, E. Vetter & U. Jessner (eds), pp. 81–102. Dordrecht: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

Lorenz, E. (2019c). Analysis of verb phrases and the progressive aspect in a learner corpus of L2 and L3 learners of English. In Widening the Scope of Learner Corpus Research. Selected Papers from the 4th Learner Corpus Research Conference 2017, A. Abel, A. Glaznieks, V. Lyding & L. Nicholas (eds), , pp. 253–287. Louvain le Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain.

Lorenz, E. (2019b). Book review: Torres Cacoullos, R. & Travis, C.E. 2018. Bilingualism in the Community. Code-switching and Grammars in Contact. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Journal of Language Contact 12(2): 527–535.

Lorenz, E. (2019a). The use of tense and aspect in the additional language English by monolingual speakers and bilingual heritage speakers. PhD Dissertation. University of Hamburg. Submitted: 27 March 2019.

Lorenz, E., Bonnie, R.J., Feindt, K., Rahbari, S. & Siemund, P. (2019). Cross-linguistic influence in unbalanced bilingual heritage speakers on subsequent language acquisition: evidence from pronominal object placement in ditransitive clauses. International Journal of Bilingualism 23(6): 1410–1430.

Lorenz, E. (2018). "One day a father and his son going fishing on the Lake." - A study on the use of the progressive aspect of monolingual and bilingual learners of English. In Andreas Bonnet & Peter Siemund (eds.). Foreign Languages in Multilingual Classrooms. Hamburg Studies on Linguisitic Diversity. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Rahbari, S., Gabriel, C., Krause, M., Siemund, P., Bonnie, R.J., Dittmers (née Pron), T., Feindt, K., Lorenz, E., Topal, S. (2018). Die linguistische Vertiefungsstudie des Projekts Mehrsprachigkeitsentwicklung im Zeitverlauf (MEZ). Hamburg: Universität Hamburg, 210 S. - (MEZ Arbeitspapiere; 2) - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-155694.

Dünkel, N., Heimler, J., Brandt, H., Gogolin, I. (eds.). (2018). Mehrsprachigkeitsentwicklung im Zeitverlauf. Ausgewählte Daten und Ergebnisse. Authors: Bonnie, R.J., Brandt, H., Dünkel, N., Feindt, K., Gabriel, C., Gogolin, I., Klinger, T., Krause, M., Lagemann, M., Lorenz, E., Rahbari, S., Schnoor, B., Siemund, P., Usanova, I. Hamburg (University of Hamburg), Mimeo.

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  • Lorenz, Eliane. (2018) "One day a father and his son going fishing on the Lake." - A study on the use of the progressive aspect of monolingual and bilingual learners of English. Foreign Language Education in Multilingual Classrooms.