Background and activities

I follow an integrated PhD path, where the second year of the master's studies and the first year of PhD work are merged into two years of focused specialization with the same team of supervisors, after which I proceed and finish as a normal PhD candidate. My PhD topic is situational awareness for autonomous ships.

I attend the International Master's Program for Simulation and Visualization at the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences in Ålesund, and for the PhD I am affiliated with the Department of Engineering Cybernetics in Trondheim.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Aspen, Dina Margrethe; Löffler, Jörg; Hasle, Elias; Ellefsen, André Listou; Ahsan, Kader; Cheng, Xu; Johansen, Børge Andreas Heggen. (2019) Prediction modeling of air quality in Geiranger. 2019.