Background and activities

I am interested in how environmental contaminants influence marine ecosystems through organisms at lower throphic levels. In my PhD project, I work with lipid and energetic metabolism in copepod species, both in an exploratory aspect and in relation to pollution exposure. Specifically, I am interested in how petroleum oil compounds may influence lipid catabolism  and energtic metabolism in Calanus finmarchicus. Through methods like RNA sequencing, qPCR and lipid analyses, I will examine the basic physiology of C. finmarchicus  and how oil exposure affects this environmentally important marine species. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Skottene, Elise; Jenssen, Bjørn Munro; Moe, Børge. (2015) Migration patterns affect element concentrations in an Arctic Seabird. 2015.