Background and activities

I am a student advisor (80%) at the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science and an advisor (20%) in the student and academic section of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV).

Student advisor at IBF

I am the student advisor for the three-year bachelor program in biomedical laboratory sciences (BBIOING, previously MTBIO).

What I can help you with

  • Leave of absence
  • Exams and applications for additional re-sit attempts
  • Receiving credit for previous education
  • Corrections to your plan of study
  • Progression through and completion of your plan of study
  • Questions related to study environment, motivation, illness and other challenges you may encounter as a student

How to contact me

I have an office on the second floor of the Laboratory Center at Campus Øya (MazeMap: 231.02.052). You can book an appointment with me using the following link

Advisor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

My areas of responsibility include:

  • Offering support in educational services to members of the faculty by:
    • Distributing resources about Inspera Assessment, Blackboard, and other digital tools used by NV
    • Giving presentations to lecturers and researchers at NV about methods and tools used for online teaching and assessment at NTNU
  • Facilitating projects in teaching and education by:
    • Distributing grant program announcements from DIKU (including the Norwegian Centres for Excellence in Education [SFU] program) and NTNU (including the Toppundervisning program)
    • Offering support with applications and projects
    • Following up about ongoing and completed projects
    • Developing an infrastructure at NV (seminars, internal application processes, etc.) to support the submission of successful applications 

Work experience:

  • Postdoctor in linguistics (research and teaching) at the University of Gothenburg, Septemer 2016-March 2020.
  • Postdoctor in linguistics (research) at Simon Fraser University, September 2015-August 2016.
  • Research and teacher at University of Massachusettes Amherst, August 2009-September 2015.
  • Researcher and teacher at the Navajo Language Academy, July 2008-2018.