Background and activities

I am a PhD Candidate at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics. I am interested in understanding species interaction dynamics in the tropics, with special interest in mutualistic interactions, forest fragmentation effects and co-occurrence patterns. In my research, I utilize comprehensive species occurrence data sets of communities from different trophic levels to model interaction networks at a large spatial scale. My study systems are located in South America, with the main focus on the highly fragmented Atlantic Forest.


  • Effects of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal interactions
  • Scale-dependecy of co-occurrence patterns in a mega-diverse tree community
  • Rewilding species interactions
  • Redefining the Atlantic Forest: multitaxa approach
  • Trait compositions shaping bipartite pollination networks

    Research interests: community ecology, biogeography, statistical modelling, species interactions, land use change, spatial ecology, conservation biology

    Scientific, academic and artistic work

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    Journal publications

    • Muylaert, Renata de Lara; Stevens, Richard D.; Esberard, Carlos Eduardo Lustosa; Mello, Marco Aurelio Ribeiro; Garbino, Guilherme Siniciato Terra; Varzinczak, Luiz H.; Faria, Deborah; Weber, Marcelo de Moraes; Rogeri, Patricia Kerches; Regolin, André Luis; de Oliveira, Hernani Fernandes Magalhaes; Costa, Luciana de Moraes; Barros, Marilia A. S.; Sabino-Santos, Gilberto Jr.; de Morais, Mara Ariane Crepaldi; Kavagutti, Vinicius Silva; Passos, Fernando C.; Marjakangas, Emma-Liina; Maia, Felipe Goncalves Motta; Ribeiro, Milton Cezar; Galetti, Mauro. (2017) ATLANTIC BATS: a dataset of bat communities from the Atlantic Forests of South America. Ecology. vol. 98 (12).