Background and activities

I am a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Electric Power Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Elisabetta Tedeschi and financed by the project HES-OFF from the Research Council of Norway.

HES-OFF is developing a novel concept for stable electric power and heat supply in offshore oil and gas installations, in which wind power is combined with hydrogen energy storage and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 40%.

My interests and contributions to this project are in the:

  • Optimization procedures to size and design the energy storage system, considering long- and short-term energy demands of the electric system
  • Control strategies to guarantee the stability and power quality in the electric system
  • Validation of design proposals using Power Hardware-in-the-Loop

Moreover, I am contributed to IMAGINE, a project financed by the Horizon 2020 program from the European Union. This project developed and demonstrated an innovative power take-off (PTO) concept for wave energy applications.

My interests and contributions to this project were in the:

  • Optimization procedures to maximize the energy yield of a given wave energy converter, considering a modular PTO approach and the influence of different control strategies
  • Design validation of the proposed PTO using Power Hardware-in-the-Loop

My research interests include power system stability and control, AC micro-grids, power electronics for renewable and distributed power systems, energy storage systems, electrical machines, excitation systems, condition monitoring.