Background and activities

I study how magnetism can be controlled in complex oxide materials. In particular, I investigate the possibility to tailor the properties of ferro- and antiferromagnets by thin film epitaxy and nanopatterning. Currently, I explore the use of domain engineered nanomagnets in novel ultra-low energy magnetic logic.

I co-direct the Oxide electronics group at Department of Electronic Systems and I am a member of the network NTNU Morphogenetic Engineering.

Working with research questions at the intersection of physics, material science, and computer science, I collaborate with research groups in Norway, Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. I am also an active user on several synchrotron facilities (ALS, SLS, BESSY).

Research Interests:

  • Domain engineering in complex oxides
  • Antiferromagnetic spintronics
  • Nanomagnetic logic (NML)
  • Superferromagnetism
  • Artificial Spin Ice
  • Magnetic domain imaging (X-PEEM, MFM, STXM)
  • Nanofabrication (EBL, FIB, Ion patterning)


  • TFE4146 Semiconductor Devices
  • TFE4172 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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