Background and activities

I am working with modelling and simulation of the electrical power system and started on my PhD in the autumn of 2016. The topic of my PhD is "Production of Hydrogen from Hydro- and Wind Power in Transmission Constrained Areas". The PhD is a part of the SINTEF-project HYPER which investigates production of hydrogen from natural gas and from hydro- and wind power by using electrolysis. Some of the research questions I want to answer is:

  • Which effects could production of hydrogen have on the power system in terms of the needs for constructing new transmission lines, could the hydrogen production facilities be operated in such a way that it results in better utilization of existing power lines? Can a hydrogen producer participate in a market for flexibility on the transmission level?
  • Which effects would a hydrogen production facility have on the existing power producers and on development of renewable energy sources like wind power in the region?
  • What is the optimal size of the electrolyser plant and the hydrogen storage tanks for a hydrogen production facility? Which are the important factors in this regard?
  • How should such a plant be operated? Models will be developed for the purpose of answering this question, which properties should these models consider and which type of model should be used?



Previous education:

In my master studies I specialized in "energy analysis and planning" and focused on studying the power system on a macro level taking courses with subjects such as power system stability, power flow and optimization. In my project and master thesis, I worked on hydro power scheduling in multiple markets (Spot and FCR-N) and studying the effects from coordination of hydro- and wind power in constrained transmission grids respectively. In these projects, I worked with a SDDP/SDP model developed by SINTEF Energy Research that is similar to their ProdRisk model.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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