Background and activities

is currently working as a part-time PhD scholar on a project focused on genetic aspects of eating disorder amongst Young Hunt population.

She is also working as a consultant psychiatrist at Drug and rehabilitation clinic, St. Olav university hospital, Trondheim, Norway.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Pantovic, Maja; Sardahaee, Farzaheh Saeedzadeh; Fiorillo, Andrea; Lauber, Christoph; Sartorius, Norman; Sass, Henning. (2011) The Experience of the EPA Academia 1st Summer School-Comorbidity between Mental and Physical Disorders. European psychiatry. vol. 26 (7).


  • Saeedzadeh Sardahaee, Farzaneh; Kvaløy, Kirsti; Holmen, Turid Lingaas. (2012) Genetic markers in eating disorder in adolescence and adulthood-The HUNT study. ‘Closing in on the Envirome in Mental Health’ . EPA- The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) and EU-GEI; maastricht. 2012-06-13 - 2012-06-16.
  • Prata, D.P; Mechelli, A; Fu, C; Picchioni, M; Kane, F; Saeedzadeh-Sardahaee, Farzaneh. (2009) P02-09 Effects of the DAT 3’UTR VNTR genotype on brain function in healthy subjects and patients with schizophrenia. 17th EPA Congress - Lisbon, Portugal, January 2009 . European Psychiatric Association(EPA); Lisbon. 2009-01-24 - 2009-01-28.