Background and activities

General information

Date of Birth: 12 February 1978

Place of Birth: Vicenza (Italy)

Citizenship: Italian

Residence: Stadsing Dahls Gate, Trondheim (Norway)

Position and Recognitions

Current research topics

  • Physical and mechanical properties of traditional and innovative metals (mainly aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys) with particular attention to multiscale problems related to damage and degradation due to in service loadings.
  • Physical and mechanical properties of additively manufacture metals (mainly titanium Ti6Al4V and aluminium AlSi10Mg, but also Inconel 718 and stainless steel 316L).
  • Physical and mechanical properties of innovative solid-state multi-metals weldments (Mainly aluminium-steel joints but also copper-aluminium and titanium-copper joints)
  • Fracture and fatigue behaviour of metallic weldments (mainly made of steel and aluminium)
  • Physical and mechanical properties of graphite/graphene and pure lead (and its alloys) used for nuclear applications (CERN)
  • Fracture and Fatigue behaviour under complex loading and environmental conditions of metallic materials (CrMoV steels, aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys)
  • Local approaches for fatigue and fracture design of metallic materials
  • Bioinspired design of metal structures
  • SEM/TEM characterization of crack initiation and propagation in metallic materials (aluminium and titanium alloys)
  • Mechanical and physical properties of magnesium alloys for biomedical applications (mainly for Mg AZ31)
  • Advanced techniques for coatings of metals
  • Advanced metals for energy transportation and storage
  • Data driven approaches in material science

Main courses

  • Mechanical Behavior of metals TMM4140
  • Fracture mechanics of metals TMM4160
  • Fatigue of metals TMM4195

Previous courses 

  • MM8404 Today's view of multiscale fractures and plasticity (2018)

  • MM8404 Today's view of multiscale fractures and plasticity (2019)

  • MM8410 Additive Production With Advanced Alloy (2017)

  • MM8410 Additive Production With Advanced Alloy (2018)

  • TMM4140 Materials Mechanical Behavior (2018)

  • TMM4140 Materials Mechanical Behavior (2019)

  • TMM4550 Nanotechnology (2017)

  • TMM4550 Nanotechnology (2018)

Responsible for Erasmus flux with University of Padua, University of Parma, University of Madrid, University of Bologna and University of Messina. He is responsible for the international relationship between MTP and the University of Kyoto, Aalto University and Southampton University.

Editorial and communication activities

Since January 2015 he is European Editor of Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures (Wiley).

Since 2018 he is Editor in Chief of Material Design & Processing Communications (Wiley)

He is in the editorial board of prestigious journals:

  • Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics (Elsevier)
  • Strength of Materials (Springer)
  • Physical Mesomechanics (Springer)
  • Materials Science Engineering A (Elsevier)
  • Materials and Design (Elsevier)
  • International Journal of Fatigue (Elsevier)
  • Journal of Testing and Evaluation (ASTM)
  • Advanced Engineering Materials (Wiley)
  • International Journal of Damage Mechanics (Sage)
  • Polymer testing (Elsevier)

International links

Prof. Berto gives regular keynote and plenary lectures at major international conferences on engineering materials, fatigue and fracture. He maintains extensive international links, through past and current visiting appointments at: University of Oxford and Trinity college, Waterloo University, University of Adelaide, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto University, East China University of Science and Technology, Imperial College, Kjushu University, Georgia Tech, Northwestern University, Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Berkeley University, University of Toledo, University of Manchester, Zhejiang University of Technology China, Massachusetts institute of technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – PolyU, Politechnika Bialostocka, East China University of Science and Technology, Aalto University, Hong Kong University, Northern Illinois University Virginia Tech, Chinese Academy of science, Ecole Polytechnique de Lousain, Purdue University, Siberian academy of science, Hong Kong Polithecnical University, University of Arkansas, Monash University, Tohoku University, Southampton University, Sheffield University, The University of Texas, Tongji University - Shangai, Iran University of Science and Technology.

He is honorary adjunct full professor at

Hong Kong Polytechnique University

Mandela University South Africa


He has received several international awards for his research and teaching activity.

  • Best teacher award a.y. 2011/12
  • Best teacher award a.y. 2012/13
  • Best teacher award a.y. 2013/14
  • ‘Sih golden medal, junior prize’ at the conference Mesomechanics 2012
  • Capocaccia prize 2013 at AIAS conference
  • Elsevier Reviewer Award 2013
  • Elsevier Reviewer Award 2014
  • Elsevier Reviewer Award 2015
  • Elsevier Reviewer Award 2016
  • Ucimu award 2016
  • Top cited paper in 2012 in FFEMS
  • Top cited paper in 2013 in FFEMS
  • Top citep paper in 2014 in FFEMS

Since 2004, 780 papers have been published, mainly on prestigious international Journals (see Google Scholar database). It gives almost 16000 citations and H-index=71.

Industry collaboration and projects

Prof. Berto has considerable experience in materials science, fatigue of metals, fracture and mechanical testing related to steels, aluminum alloys, hardmetals, ceramics and polymers, together with a good metallurgical knowledge of their microstructures and properties. He has significant expertise in fatigue design for machine components and welded structures (plus welding processes and metallurgy), fatigue life prediction, engineering defect assessment, failure analysis, stress analysis, fractography, and materials selection. He has been involved in numerous projects funded both by the University of Padova , by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and by private companies. He is partecipating as main investigator to several EU pojects and all together in his career he was able to attract huge funding for research activities. Main ongoing projects are related to industrial collaborations with Cimolai, Zincherie Valbrenta, Omera, Officine Meccaniche Zanetti, Rolls Royce, Sintef, Nexans and many others.


He is member of the following associations:

  • International Member of ESIS
  • International member of the society of mesomechanics
  • ESIS TC10 member - Environmentally Assisted Cracking
  • Consultant of the Chinese Academy of Science and reviewer for international projects
  • Honorary member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research 
  • Co-Chair of the Red Española de Fractura en Entallas
  • Member of the Engineering Integrity Society
  • Member of the ESIS TC committee on Finite Fracture Mechanics
  • Voting member of ASTM E08-Committee Fatigue and Fracture
  • ASME International Member
  • ASTM International Member
  • Chair of the ESIS Technical Committee on Fatigue, Residual Stress, Microstructure of Additive Manufactured Components

Dr. Berto has graduated more than 20 PhDs students as main supervisor.